Tiffany Lis Calligaris

Tiffany Calligaris was born in Buenos Aires, in 1988. Since she was a little girl, she had a love for books and Disney movies, especially The Sleeping Beauty. She discovered Star Wars at an early age and its iconic phrase “I am your father”. The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter also had an influence on her and awakened a deep and lifelong fascination for this kind of stories in her. At the age of twenty-one, while she was studying to become a lawyer and after months of thinking about the character of Adhara, Tiffany made up her mind to begin this story and give birth to the world of Lesath. Lesath: The Story of Deception (Memorias de un Engaño) was published in 2012 by Grupo Editorial Planeta. That same year she got her lawyer’s degree. Lesath II: The Empty Throne (El Trono Vacío) was published in 2013 and Lesath III: The Court of the Sorcerer (La Corte del Hechizero) in 2014, thus completing the trilogy. Among her favorite books are: The Last Unicorn, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hound of the Baskervilles, [The Strange Case of] Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Call of the Wild, A Wizard of Earthsea and The Vampire Chronicles. In her spare time, she goes to the movies, watches series, reads as many books as she can, plays with her loyal friend Shiku, goes shopping and horseback riding. She is currently working on her next saga.

LESATH 1: The Story of Deception

“I thought about my parents, they would be devastated if something bad happened to me. They’d let me go because they thought that in Lesath I’d have the chance to be happy, to find someone whom I might build my future with. On the mission I was embarking upon my life and future hung in the balance. I knew there was so much at risk. But something deep inside of me said I wasn’t in Lesath just because it had been my decision, it was destiny.” Adhara is a half-elf girl. After spending her childhood in an elfish forest, where she searched for a real place to belong to, she resolves to travel to Lesath to visit her maternal grandparents. There, she finds that this kingdom is hiding more mysteries than she had imagined and that it is under the evil power of the Council of the Dark Forces. With the help of courageous Aiden and Zul the Wizard the first part of a fantastic adventure begins, in which Adhara will have to struggle to unveil the true intentions of Lesath rulers as she meets someone to love and understands her mission and place in this world.

LESATH 11: The Empty Throne

“At last, people in Lesath began to understand that something strange was going on; for Lysha’s absence hadn’t gone unnoticed. The warlocks must be looking for her desperately, they couldn’t pretend for much longer she hadn’t escaped. Now the façade they had kept for so long was falling down to pieces.” On their way back to Saiph, Adhara and her courageous friends are blocked by evil Seith, who forces our heroine to become his prisoner in order to defend her friends. Locked away in the castle, she finds an ally in mysterious Queen Lysha, who begs her to run away together. In less than no time, Adhara, Aiden and Zul will have to rush their journey and find the Heart of the Dragon before the Council of the Dark Forces does to protect the security of the kingdom and its people.

LESATH 111: The Court of the Sorcerer

“We knew something they ignored, and that was our only advantage. The Heart of the Dragon gave no immortality to the person who took it. Instead, it was a protection against any attack, either magical or physical. However, sometimes good and bad news came together; for only a descendant of Lisabeth Derose, aka ‘Lady Draconis’, could use the charm without danger.” Upon getting the Heart of the Dragon, Adhara and her allies head to the Kingdom of Eira, where they will find Evard Lassar, the Sorcerer of Ice. Under his command, their mission to save Lesath will reach the highest point, with the inevitable final battle against Akashik.

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